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THERAPY for Personal and Relational Wellbeing


THERAPY FOR CHANGE is a solution focused approach to emotional and psychological wellbeing. My aim is to assist you to achieve the outcomes that matter to you.

While the path we tend to choose when faced with problems in our life and relationships is with the mindset we have to focus on these problems to solve them and in order to be happy and well, this approach can see us more entrenched in what is concerning us than ever. The same cycle of events keeps happening despite our efforts and best intentions for change.

Why struggling with and tackling personal problems head on can be counterproductive is because what we give focus to, we give energy to. The more we focus on what has gone wrong or is wrong, the more we become immersed in the ‘vibe’ of what we do not want.

Therapy is effective when we are willing and able to step back from the problem and focus on what we do want rather than keep active patterns of thought and behaviour that oppose our moving forward. This can involve a considerable shift in our usual patterns of thought. But being able to identity what we want and focus positively and productively is key to our emotional freedom and wellbeing.

Therapy for change and the solution focused approach is saying YES to what you want. A solution comes about not in fighting a problem. A solution comes about in focusing on the outcome you want to achieve.

The solution focused approach is making the shift from reacting to the people and situations in our life with the same familiar thought patterns and outcomes, to creating what we prefer.

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The Bird

A book about connection, consciousness and love.

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Carolyn Stock

Private Practice Therapist BSocSc(Psych); BSocSc(Hons); PhD; HNZDH; PMHNZ

Welcome! I am a private practice therapist, located in Taupo.

Along with my interest in psychology and therapy, I am also interested in social policy as it relates to individual and social wellbeing.

Should you contact me, I look forward to hearing from you. I assure you of confidentiality and my commitment to provide you with the outcome that matters to you.

If you are in a place of pain, you can find ease quickly. Therapy for Change can assist you.

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